Rent A Geek

It’s not only about design, it’s about functionality. We merge art and design to effectively communicate a message to your clients.  We achieve this in close consultation with our

partners – because building a credible brand for your demographic is what we do best.

When you succeed, we succeed.

We take pride in the care of our service. We form long-term relationships with our clients and guide them through each project to exceed their business goals. We love the process, collaboration and the rewarding feelings behind creating something great.

How We Work

Submit your design brief

Your first step will be to fill out your short questionnaire that helps us get to know you, your business and your business goals. This will provide us the information we need to kick start your project in the right direction. After we have received your design brief, a member of our team will contact you to discuss your project needs in more detail.


Our team will begin the design process start by researching your business market. This will allow us to learn your competitors and make your business stands out amongst the rest.  We will either start with a logo design or complete the service(s) that you have requested in your design brief. Some of our clients have already done a branding process with a branding agency, if that’s you, awesome!  We’ll be applying those guides into the projects that you have hired us to do.


We will submit the design concept(s) to you for any revisions.  Our team wants you to be pumped about what we have created – meaning we are happy to recreate and revise any drafts that are not appealing to you.


You will have full ownership of your designs, after all, it is your business! The final delivery of your design(s) will be delivered after we receive your final approval. You will receive your file(s) in a print ready format and/or submitted for print. If you do not wish to proceed with printing, your project will be deemed as complete.

Our Clients, Our Family

Enough about us, we’re ready to get to know you!